The seven most promising startups in Switzerland

Analogous to the Private Investors Club Event two weeks ago, the Swiss Startup Factory was the co-organizer of an exclusive Credit Suisse Event again, where seven of the most promising startups in Switzerland came together in Neuchatel. Focusing on innovation, the event in the Microcity was an outstanding opportunity for the chosen entrepreneurs to present their business, in front of Credit Suisse`s clients, politicians and the local media. In addition to Swiss Startup Factory, NEODE incubator, the cantonal department of economic affairs, the Neuchatel chamber of commerce and industry as well as L’AGEFI participated in the event.

Credit Suisse Private Investors Club

After the kickoff beginning of this year, once again, the Swiss Startup Factory co-organized together with Credit Suisse`s Entrepreneurs & Executives (E&E) department, the Credit Suisse Private Investors Club. Whereas the first event took place at the Opernhaus in Zurich, the AURA, next to Paradeplatz was chosen this year, due to a much higher participation of over 250 guests. The aim of the Private Investors Club is to connect private investors, who are clients of Credit Suisse, with innovative Swiss companies.

SSUF goes Oktoberfest

“O’zapft is!” has been the motto ever since 1995 at the Zurich Bauschänzli, this year is the 22nd anniversary. The traditional Oktoberfest has its appearance during thirty days on the Limmat Island and welcomes around 40’000 beer friends. The location is absolutely amazing, as it’s a complete eyecatcher in the heart of Zurich.

Let’s create the Future together

The InCube Event was created by the ETH Entrepreneur Club. The reason why it’s called “InCube” is because it literally happens in glass cubes. People participating in the event, interdisciplinary students mostly from ETH, get divided in three teams of four people. Every team belongs to a different challenge, either FinTech, EdTech or Mobility Tech. They then get a problem position that is to be found a solution for. All this happens during four days, 24 hours a day. Furthermore, the teams live in these glass cubes during that time. The cubes are fully see-through and even beds are provided to get a quick nap and refuel body and mind.

Growing Team

From a team of three original founders the Swiss Startup Factory has been growing lately. To hire more people has always been a topic, but only after a great structure has been chosen we decided to take the next step.

Brainfood 4 Startups Event

There is this event series the Swiss Startup Factory brought to life called Brainfood 4 Startups. It takes place in the spacious meeting room downstairs and usually around 30 people attend. The reason for organizing the very first event was, that the founders of Swiss Startup Factory wanted to bring different perspectives on entrepreneurship to the startups, not only those participating in the batches but also in general.

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