Brainfood 4 Startups Event

Written By Mara Ricci

There is this event series the Swiss Startup Factory brought to life called Brainfood 4 Startups. It takes place in the spacious meeting room downstairs and usually around 30 people attend. The reason for organizing the very first event was, that the founders of Swiss Startup Factory wanted to bring different perspectives on entrepreneurship to the startups, not only  those participating in the batches but also in general.

Not every entrepreneur follows the regular, conventional path in their career. There are always obstacles that they have to overcome, whether there are smaller or bigger problems. To provide our young entrepreneurs with such inspiration, we ask founders, journalists, professors from a variety of fields to talk about a specific topic. This can be on politics, work-life balance or about their opinion on something that’s going on in the world. Through someone else’s point of view your own horizon expands and we hope that we can deliver “brainfood” that pushes our startups further.

Topic of our last event was the following:

„Dude, that’s a really stupid idea; let’s turn it into a Startup!“

With this topic we were happy to welcome guest speaker Andreas Brändle, lic.phil., at Swiss Startup Factory. He is Co-Founder & CEO of Battere AG as well as lecturer at University of Zurich. His idea with Battere AG is to rent out powerbanks, so everyone has a possibility to charge their smartphone in case of emergency – or if you just go out and discover your battery won’t last until the end of the night.

Before the idea with Battere, Brändle and a friend of his worked on another prototype: to rent out powerbanks, but only for bars. He was referring to a true story, where he as a result of running out of battery wasn’t able to inform his girlfriend he was at the bar having a beer with his friends. He then thought it would be so great to just have a charger at the bar so the problem would have been solved. Later on the idea evolved and they moved further away from the bar idea.

When the project Battere became a thing, Brändle mentioned that he often got the feedback that it’s a “stupid” idea because everyone can already charge their phones for free – everywhere. But despite those comments, there are still good reasons why it works. Most people don’t take their phone chargers with them at all times. Also, if you already got a powerbank on your own – it’s just another device and you will forget to charge that too! Also, if phone batteries will get better in the future and maybe hold for example more than two days, it can be more likely you don’t catch the right moment to recharge it. With Battere you rent a powerbank and after you have fully charged your phone you can return it at any Kiosk. They realized that people are willing to pay for a luxury like that. It obviously isn’t something that is essential to everyone, but for sure convenient.

Let the numbers talk, Battere is available in more than 1000 spaces in Switzerland with kkiosk, Press Books and avec. as partners. Brändle talked about their journey of three years and that as a young entrepreneur you’ll get a lot of quotes like “fail early, fail often”, “test everything”, “have a specific user in mind”, “have a great team” and many more, but in the end all that matters is your experience. He left our guests with a simple tip that worked well for him: “Know why you do it and don’t stop doing it!”

After the presentation, the guest speakers as well as the startups always stay for an apéro and beer, network and discuss. The last event was a lot of fun, a humorous presentation around the naked truth of founding a company and motivated people in the audience! We can’t wait for the next Brainfood 4 Startups Event that is planned for December.