Embrace the Ordinary

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“I wish I had thought of that” is a phrase that many people have probably said to themselves when thinking about the of the famous unicorn startups; i.e. the Uber’s and Airbnb’s. Moreover, startups of these caliber are often enticing because I’m sure that any number of us could have came up with the idea. That is, in hindsight an app that matches a driver or home owner with a passenger or renter seems quite simple.

But despite all the glamour of startups there is at least one important point that needs to be made. Namely, that there is an undeniable tedium involved in actually doing a unicorn startup.

What I mean is this. I am sure that in the beginning, perhaps it is still the case, both Travis Kalanick and Brain Chesky, CEO’s of Uber and Airbnb respectively, did the ordinary tasks that did not directly deal with their product. For example, 1to1’s with employees,  coffee runs, going through entry level applications, managing employee vacation schedules, ordering paper for the printer, and I’m sure the list is endless. can you think of any other ordinary tasks that startups need to do?