Kick-off Event Batch W17

Written By Ariadna Licea

After the welcome to AMAG by Kaspar Bossart, Sales Manager and Philipp Wetzel, Director of AMAG Group Marketing and a quick update by Mike Baur, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman at SSUF, the eight startups officially started the program batch W17.

SSUF organized the kick-off of the new batch in cooperation with one of our first corporate partners, AMAG. Together we have changed the way of events are hosted and the startupers made it special by jumping in with all the motivation to carry out their projects. The event was attended by more than 120 people including investors, entrepreneurs, startupers and people related to the entrepreneurship environment, and it was accompanied by a relaxing and cool atmosphere surrounded by a showroom full of diverse cars.

Switzerland is in the middle of one of the most important phases in the emergence of new entrepreneurial projects and there is a great impulse driven by companies that accelerate, incubate and launch projects at national and international levels. This is the case for the Swiss Start Up Factory and its Accelerator Program which focuses on projects with high market potential that cause a disruptive effect.

“We want to inspire Switzerland, students, startups, young entrepreneurs to make their startups. We want to educate, which is really important. We want to accelerate. We want to invest and we want to have a heavy impact in Switzerland” states Mike Baur.

During the program the new batch W17 will follow a methodology based on Lean Innovation. In this way, subsequent to the success of previous batches, the new eight business projects will be able to enjoy this route towards further success and growth. Later, Daniela Maag of Helvetia mentioned the importance of having start-ups in the insurance segment where they are looking for innovative ideas that support and transform the insurance core business and address the strategically important topic of housing. The Startup Speech 1-year experience by Matthias Gerber, Co-Founder & CEO Carhelper, offered thorough impressions and great motivation to the new entrepreneurs helping them understand the challenges of founding a company.

And the most important moments were the pitches of the new entrepreneurs who – after only a few days in the program – demonstrated the energy and desire to carve-out their company. The startupers have great ideas which shall be developed further during the program through training workshops, work sessions and fully customized mentoring program. Now, we officially welcome the batch W17: IDUN Health Tech, Darwin Pricing, LARI, Shout, Velvet parking, SnaXs, MyInsurance and Carcodex.

Here some pictures from the event:

AMAG Welcome by Kaspar Bossart, Sales Manager AMAG Utoquai and Philipp Wetzel, Director AMAG Group Marketing

 welcome 1 welcome 2

SSUF Update by Mike Baur, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

welcome mike

Startup Speech 1-year experience by Matthias Gerber, Co-Founder & CEO Carhelper AG


Startup Pitches Accelerator Batch W17

pict 2 picth 1 picth 7 picth 8 pitch 3 pitch 4 pitch 5

Apero & Networking sponsored by Dieci and Winzerei zur Metzg

apero 1 apero 2 apero 3 apero 4