Let’s create the Future together

Written By Mara Ricci

The InCube Event was created by the ETH Entrepreneur Club. The reason why it’s called “InCube” is because it literally happens in glass cubes. People participating in the event, interdisciplinary students mostly from ETH, get divided in three teams of four people. Every team belongs to a different challenge, either FinTech, EdTech or Mobility Tech. They then get a problem position that is to be found a solution for. All this happens during four days, 24 hours a day. Furthermore, the teams live in these glass cubes during that time. The cubes are fully see-through and even beds are provided to get a quick nap and refuel body and mind. The following challenges were to tackle:

EdTech Challenge: Curious of how the education system could be improved? This challenge is located in front of the ETH headquarters and will look into the possibilities of how new technologies can shape future education.

Mobility Challenge: A constant demand for increased mobility challenges the current infrastructure. This challenge will take place in front of the Landesmuseum and generate new ideas on how to continue increasing mobility.

FinTech Challenge: Digitalisation has also reached the finance industry! In this challenge we will impact the finance world with new ideas on integrating digitalisation. Located, of course, at the Paradeplatz.

The idea to put the students in glass boxes is not only because it looks really cool. As the president of the ETH Entrepreneur Club, Gregory Inauen, told the audience at the closing ceremony, it’s also for interaction reasons. He mentioned the ETH students including himself are studying quite hard and somehow live in a bubble, a bit isolated from everything else. Through the glass cubes people can watch everything the students are doing at any time. They will knock on the door and ask what the project is they’re working on. This means another upside for the teams because the possibility comes up to test the prototype they’re working on with random people on the streets and to get direct feedback.

On monday earlier this week, the closing ceremony took place at ETH Zürich. Around 60 people attended the event with a jury of five experts, including our very own Mike Baur. The evening was opened by the president of the ETH Entrepreneur Club followed by an inspiring speech of ETH rector Sarah Springman in which she expressed the importance of young people following their dreams. She added, the “E” in “ETH” should also stand for “Entrepreneurship”.

Each team had a pitch of five minutes, followed by a Q&A session of seven minutes. The pitches were catching and creative, especially after such intensive days for the participants. During the Q&A, it was the jury’s turn to shoot the guns! Challenging questions came up, our Co-Founder for example asked one team to explain what they’re doing in only two sentences.

After the pitching and question rounds, the jury gave their votes. After a few minutes of tension, the winner was evaluated. With their prototype of a new E-Learning platform, the EdTech team won the first prize, a weekend to Stockholm for the whole team. The FinTech team was in second, and Mobility Tech in last place. After the ceremony there was an apéro, with beverages and finger food to have a chat with the teams and other guests.

Finally it can be said the event was a full success! Not only were the teams having a challenging but fun time but also the audience at the closing event. Amazing projects and motivated students, a very inspiring evening!