Milestone 2

Written By Chris Bargholz

Last week our startups had to pass our milestone 2. It was all about showing their prototype. It was impressive to see how quickly all of the teams have progressed and how much work they have put in over the last four weeks.

The goal of prototyping is basically build an MVP (minimum viable product) to test in real life what was evaluated earlier with the business model. By building a MVP, startups can do their first authentic clients test, accelerate their sales as they have something to show other than a presentation and further continue their lean canvas model: Build-Measure-Learn

Our jury this time consisted of a small but very brilliant group of people who are deeply involved in the Swiss startup ecosystem. Shout already tests their beta on test flight and convinced the panel with their advancement and top new corporate clients to test their application. LARI had the greatest improvement from the last milestone and blew the jury’s minds with their multifaceted back-end. CarCodex held a great presentation but had to face difficult questions and need to work especially hard until milestone 3 to convince people about the great potential of their product. IDUN Healthtech showcased their product and performed a live ECG during the presentation. There was no room for hiding fear here as the heartbeats revealed their nervousness. In addition, the two ETH master students handed in their master thesis on the same day, so it will be exciting to see how they will progress from now on as they can both focus exclusively on IDUN. Daniela Maag – Head Corporate Incubation, joined the overall good presentation of MyInsurance from the Helvetia Accelerator. Lastly, for our startup Velvet milestone 2 was the last stage as they could not keep up the speed of the program, but we continue to stay in touch with them and wish them all the best for the future.

Now the startups are back on the grind, getting out of their comfort zones to generate traction, test their products with their clients, further develop and improve their product to get ready for the milestone 3 and the demo day on May 4th.