New Coworking Space Website

Written By Mara Ricci

In every batch the Swiss Startup Factory offices are full with Startups working on their projects and ideas. After this journey of three months, there comes the time where they learn how to master their challenges fully on their own. With that they leave their homebase to be independent and conquer the wilderness of entrepreneurship.

We decided to also welcome interesting companies during phases where there is no batch in progress. It’s a great way to build an innovative work atmosphere for everyone involved. In addition to the three founders we count ten Swiss Startup Factory employees at the moment. There are also many companies, such as Takondi and Diplomero, that have already been working at Swiss Startup Factory since the beginning in 2014. Working in an open-space office can be hectic but also wonderful. Especially in the startup environment where people usually are open minded, innovative and spontaneous the best discussions can evolve, for instance at the in-house Nespresso bar.

Nespresso bar – the perfect keyword to introduce you to our coworking space. It is part of the entrance hall right when you enter the Swiss Startup Factory. What else is there to provide for office space lodgers? The cozy creative-space area is furnished with sofas, tables, and flipcharts and often used for brainstorming and team meetings. For bigger meetings it is possible to rent the spacious and professional meeting room. Other comforts are the video production studio, frequent community events, consulting specialists, networking, free Red Bull, fitness room, kitchen and your personal mailbox.

All the information above is now integrated in a brandnew website. For the Swiss Startup Factory this means a new channel to reach the right target group and to be an attractive renter to innovative people. Check it out: