The Kick Off Day for Accelerator batch SSUF S16 at Digital Festival was a huge event!

An audience filled with investors, corporates and digital enthusiasts from all across Europe. Startups from SSUF previous and current batch. A lot of pitching and industry expertise. If there was a way of summarising the experience of Kick Off Day, this would be the closest it would get.

Within the vibrant atmosphere of Digital Festival, we ran a Kick Off event that managed to update the audience on the current trends of Swiss entrepreneurship as well as presented them a few of the ideas being accelerated and curated within SSUF.

The day started with an update by SSUF CEO, Mike Baur, on the current status of SSUF and its acceleration program. While Baur emphasised the importance of a privately financed accelerator project within the swiss ecosystem, the update was an alert for the audience that there is always more to be done.  To do more, a few steps are crucial and the integration between corporates and startups is definitely one of them. “Corporates and Startups: Love or Hate?” was also the main topic of the panel discussion between executives of SSUF and our partners (AMAG, Goldbach Group and Y&R Group).


Among all excitement by the startups, Mike Baur, CEO of the Swiss Startup Factory had extra reasons to celebrate. The Kick Off Day for SSUF S16 was also stage for three important announcements.

Strategic Partnership with Red Bull Media House:
From now on, Swiss Startup Factory will work to “give startups wings”. The strategic collaboration between the Swiss Startup Factory and Red Bull Media House will jumpstart Red Bull’s activities in Swiss startup-related fields and also serve as a platform for – together – both companies boost innovation and execution from Switzerland to the world.
Strategic Partnership with Goldbach Group:
Following the success of the first output of the partnership (the successful story of beaconsmind) SSUF and the Goldbach Group stablished a deeper partnership that include several levels of cooperation aiming to drive innovation within the Media Group and in the other hand bring to surface more and more startup projects related to media and ad tech.
Strategic Partnership with Y&R Group Switzerland:
Also on the presence of Andreas Widmer, Y&R Group Switzerland CEO, Mike Baur announced once more the official start of the partnership between the two companies. This partnership – currently on swiss levels – establish Y&R as the go-to advertisement agency for Swiss startups and has international ambitions in the very near future.

Kick Off Day for batch S16 was also the time for startups from the previous batch (W16) to update the audience. While VeloHub excited the crowd bringing to stage a fully functional set of Blinkers, the CTO of Carhelper experience his first pitch in front of an audience. If the CEO of Carhelper was always the one pitching for the company so far, he might be on the verge of losing his exclusivity because the audience was all love for Alex – Carhelper’s CTO. Struckd co-founders sent a video-update straight from Y&R headquarters in NYC and impressed the audience with the announcement of partnerships with the two largest players of the gaming industry. Also pitching by video, Beaconsmind proved once more that its business model is already successful, citing for instance their partnership with large brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren.

After a quick coffee break, Joachim Schoss – founder of Scout24 group, business angel and serial entrepreneur pumped the audience towards doing more and creating better products. The enthusiasm and the life lessons still resonated within the Ápero conversations.

The big moment:

Three – out of the 8 – startups from the new batch SSUF S16 were selected to pitch during Kick Off Day. The founders of Joineer did a serious and impressive job by simplifying to the audience a complex job done by their algorithm.  The Virtual Reality startup, WeaVR pitched its VR story-creation tool to the audience leaving plenty of curious willing to try their product (we’ve heard that that the waiting line to try the beta overcomes 700 people so far!). Last but not least, Taskbase introduced to the audience their solution that turns the complex and sometime invisible tasks of teachers, to prepare great classes, into a collaborative and efficient tool that teachers can use to prepare better classes.
In summary, Kick Off Day was a fantastic event – mainly to the synergies and efforts of our startups, core team, corporate partners and ecosystem members. We are extremely glad to share this moment with all of you.

See you at Demo Day for batch SSUF S16 in the beginning December!

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