The Swiss Startup Factory and Y & R Group Switzerland have agreed into a strategic partnership in the field of marketing and branding.

ssuf + Y&R

The Swiss Startup Factory and Y & R Group Switzerland have agreed into a strategic partnership in the field of marketing and branding. The specialists of Y & R will advise the startups participating in the SSUF Accelerator program. In addition, startups will have full access to the the global network of Y & R Group Switzerland, which allows them to have a period abroad after the successful completion of the accelerator program.

The next batch of the  Zurich Startup Accelerator Swiss Startup Factory starts in September 2016. During the The 3-month accelerator program, which the startups take part, startups receive training and support by specialists and “Branding & Marketing” will be offered in cooperation with the Y & R Group Switzerland. In individual workshops, Y & R specialists will train the startups in Branding, growth hacking, Analytics, Website Optimisation and IT Architecture.

Max Meister, co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory: “Effective marketing is essential in today’s world. For startups, the digital channel is usually the first and often the only channel through which they generate leads and sales. Cooperation with experienced marketing specialists of the Y & R Group Switzerland is therefore central to the success of our startups and an important reason for new entrepreneurs to apply to our Accelerator Program. “

Thanks to the international network of the Y & R Group Switzerland  the startups also have an opportunity to gain international experience after successful completion of the program in the program in Zürich: The Y & R Group Switzerland arranges long stays in Y & R offices in cities around the world. There, startups are provided, not only a work station, but they also have the opportunity to seek advice from the specialists in-house. They can also make contacts with venture capitalists and potential business partners in the respective markets.

Andreas Widmer, CEO of Y & R Group Switzerland: “In the digital age, startups can only be successful if they think and act globally. This we can observe again and again at the “Game Changer” study trips, which we carry out regularly for our customers. Since we cultivate the exchange of ideas with startups not only at in Zürich, but throughout the Y & R network intensively, we can offer the young entrepreneurs of the Swiss Startup Factory a chance to review and perfect their business model, for example in London, Barcelona, New York or Dubai. “

The Accelerator program of the Swiss Startup Factory runs twice a year since 2014 with start dates in January and in September. From the collaboration between the Swiss Startup Factory and the Y & R Group Switzerland startups like Velohub, Carhelper and Struckd already benefited.

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