After a successful Kickstarter campaign concluded last week, Velohub receives now the official AG status.

The acceleration process is known for its ups and downs and it could not have been different with the Spanish team from Velohub. From idea to fully functional prototype in 3 months during the acceleration, the team has now reasons to smile and breathe for a quick second.

After the ups and downs after acceleration, Velohub has achieved two important milestones during the past week. On the 22nd of June the company has surpassed the EUR 50.000 goal on Kickstarter and on Friday(24) Velohub has officially been acknowledged by the Swiss authorities as Velohub AG.

Velohub AG Co-Founder, Javier Bilbao, could not picture the situation better “I am very excited, but celebration time is over – it’s now time to focus 100% on delivering the first batch and get growing”.

Passion and execution – we are happy to see you creating your path ahead, Velohub.

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