SSUF goes Oktoberfest

Written By Mara Ricci

“O’zapft is!” has been the motto ever since 1995 at the Zurich Bauschänzli, this year is the 22nd anniversary. The traditional Oktoberfest has its appearance during thirty days on the Limmat Island and welcomes around 40’000 beer friends. The location is absolutely amazing, as it’s a complete eyecatcher in the heart of Zurich.


For one of the Swiss Startup Factory’s Team Events, Kathrin decided to take everyone to the Oktoberfest to have some real bavarian fun. Indeed, the response in the Swiss Startup Factory Office was great, the table of ten people was booked quite fast, in the end 15 people joined. This actually was a problem for the doormen, as only ten people per table are allowed, but could be handled in the end. Starting right after work at the Swiss Startup Factory, everyone was dressed up, ladies in Dirndl and gentlemen in Lederhose. For some it was the first time joining an Oktoberfest, others already were “Oktoberfest Veterans” as they named themselves.

Entering the marquee, the atmosphere was already special. Surrounded by lots of gingerbread hearts and a view on the Limmat people made the queue to the wardrobe. After that, the SSUF team was led to their table. As it was a must to eat something of the many bavarian specialties on the menu. From Weisswürste to Hendl and Käsespätzle, a hefty meal was in for everyone.

When the guys strictly ordered a “Mass” of beer, after some convincing even Laura and Mara decided to order half a liter of it and after a while it didn’t even taste so bad. In the middle of all the food and beer, the Swiss Startup Factory team had a great time catching up with all the people working side by side every day, even those you don’t get to communicate a lot during working days. Later, it was time to do some dancing. After one or two beers, you even like Schlager music and the team changed from table to dancefloor.

With such a great atmosphere the Oktoberfest event was a full success. Organizing these traditional clothes was totally worth it and even people who weren’t so sure about whether they are going to like a party like that were happy about the outcome. People were dancing and celebrating until the official end of the Oktoberfest at 11pm. After that it was time to get to the tram station and to go home before the next day of working back at the office! We can’t wait for the next team event, maybe going to the Christmas market… We’ll keep you updated!