Survival Days Batch W17

Written By Ariadna Licea

The two days event was focused on the accomplishment of adventure activities like cross country, biathlon, fatbike and ice stock sport. This has been organized in such a way that the participants share experiences which help them to feel more identified with their group. Additionally, the startupers were disconnected from the routine discovering the importance of the team integration, as a basis of union to achieve success within the program as long as they keep their eyes on the goal.

And to be honest, not everything is fun, glamour and easy. No one achieves success in just a couple of months, in fact, if you are lucky “you will survive”. The world has changed in its essence but above all, in labor relations and the philosophy of entrepreneurs. Fortunately, there are some basic secrets that the new batch has learned over this time which will help them not only to survive, but succeed as a startup.

Believe in what you are doing. You probably have heard of guys like Mark Zuckerberg, who said they would rather die than giving up on their dream. Or maybe you’ve heard passionate entrepreneurs talk about working all night because they are forced to work in their business. Where does that kind of commitment come from? It is more than a crazy work ethic. It’s about believing in something with unshakable faith. If you know what to do, there is no doubt that this is the kind of commitment an entrepreneur must have.

The risk will not go away so learn how to love it. The real risk is not the decision to start a business -anyone can do that- the real risk lies in taking more and greater challenges every day in your life and business. Most humans need a bit of love and support along the way and entrepreneurs are no different. So, find a supportive community that pushes you, encourages you, feeds you and gives you motivation. Know when to take a breath, so give yourself some space from time to time in order to maintain commitment otherwise you will experience exhaustion. Keep getting better and better in what you’re doing. You have the responsibility about grow more intellectually, to take new points of view, and to gain experience, in order to be able to see the opportunities that are presented to your business.

In the end, no one said that it is easy to carve-out your company. No one promised success and no one said that having entrepreneurship was going to be child’s play. Nevertheless, success is achievable so be aware of what you have and be prepared for survival.

“The only thing that is constant is change” Heraclitus