The fast (and safe) steps of Velohub

Written By Cae Silva

When a team of ETH students coming from Spain decide to make it happen, we don’t doubt they will! If they come with an ambitious project that has been awarded by the entrepreneurs club of their own university, SSUF absolutely has to embrace it, and this is exactly what happened.

Four super-talented engineers from ETH are on a mission of enhancing the cycling safety by providing cyclists with an integral safety solution for bikes. But if at the moment they have an ultra-validated product and are aiming for the higher roads, this is very far from what they had when they got to the Winter batch of SSUF’s accelerator program.

Javier Fernandez, Javier Bilbao, Nicollas Callejo and Toni Rosinol arrived at our accelerator program full of energy, ideas and one main objective: Turn the safety solution composed by lights into a reality as quick as possible. After 3 months of very hard work and a very successful presentation at SSUF’s Demo Day, the Spanish team managed to accomplish the objectives.

“We designed and developed fully working prototypes of our Blinker system. This fact, together with a lot of field research, was a great incentive for us to launch our crowdfunding campaign” said Javi Fernandez, the CEO of Velohub. It was not all, Velohub’s crowdfunding campaign was an absolute success raising more than EUR 50.000 from more than 500 backers from across the globe. As Fernandez says :“That was not only a proof that customers love what we are doing here, but also that business, retailers and distributors are ready to stand by us”

After such a warm feedback from its customers and partners, Velohub was even more energised and is now shifting to a higher gear. “We’re currently undergoing a seed round and SSUF has been extremely agile supporting us with all the details: term sheets, financial planning and other documentation”.

Velohub will deliver its first units in February 2017 and you can find more information about Velohub right here.