Welcome, SSUF S16! Here is all you need to know about our new batch.

Written By Cae Silva

While the graduates of our winter batch are swimming in open water at the moment, we are very thrilled with the beginning of our new Summer Batch!

A batch that comes as heterogeneous as the previous one but in a very different way. While this batch hosts nearly only swiss people, we see an increase in the number of women being part of our accelerator. Our summer batch counts with 5 female-founders and this is simply great.

During our Kick Off Day yesterday (15.09) the audience got to know in first hand a few of the projects which are part of the current batch. Today, this blog post is to inform you all who they are:


Explore, create and share Virtual Reality experiences


Where Pioneers find Joiners


Helps people who suffer from social anxiety and pressures to perform


Is building the next generation of accounting solution for businesses


Is building an online platform to organize bulk-buying for SMEs

Pure Swiss Air:

Working to make fresh air available for everyone in the world


A rating system for startups.


Taskbase helps teachers to find and prepare engaging lecture material for their students.


Currently the startups are undergoing intensive pitch training and training to get familiar with the Lean Startup methodology. Some tests with customers already started and we can see Lean Canvases hang around all the office. The energy of these startups definitely gets everyone pumped up to do its best. Stay tuned here and we will keep you updated of every single step of our current alumni.