Welcome to SSUF batch W17

Written By Ariadna Licea

There are many excuses for not starting a business, and the most common is lack of experience, investment or even fear to fail…. however this February 2017 entrepreneurs, visionaries and innovators have the opportunity to build its future with the Accelerator Program at Swiss Start Up Factory!

Therefore, we would like to introduce the new batch W17. In which the new startup members are bright, enthusiastic and possesses serious purpose to reach their success during the Accelerator Program and here they are:

  1. IDUN Health Tech

Biosignal Monitoring – medical quality with lifestyle comfort.

  1. Darwin Pricing

Dynamic pricing solution for Geo-targeted price optimization.

  1. Legal Tech

Provides artificial intelligence based legal search engine for law firms and corporate legal departments.

  1. Shout

It is a market research company which gives organizations the channel to understand customers from their perspective.

  1. Velvet

Personalized valet parking through a new logistics concept which is a permanent available service with the billing according to the price.

  1. SnaXs

Delivery of healthy and exciting snacks in a personalised snack boxes for the companies. This combined with a continuously adaptation of the snacks depending of taste, health condition or personal goals (fitness, diets and suchlike).

  1. My Insurance

Personalized quotes based on your social media.

  1. Carcodex

Carcodex uses a dating website approach to match a customer’s personality and lifestyle to a car.

Meet these startups and see them pitch at our next Demo Day (more information soon). The Swiss Start Up Factory team wish to all members of this batch a great start!